Freedom ringing in our ears from the gunshots

When the final steps are completed, which requires the complete population to stay in their homes. The fear of being ticketed for being in public without permission with your identity papers you will ask “where was my freedom”
You will become a new person, a person needing understanding, a person consumed by the thought police. Should I say no an go to the store for food anyway? Is today my ration day? Can I visit my friends at their house or will that be unlawful assembly? I can’t understand what happened, I paid the authorities my weekly funds for permission?
Yes, poor in the ability to get straight answers for living a life without having to pay every bit of money you earn for rent, insurance, telephone, sewer, water and a car payment. Oh, I forgot about food.

While in elementary school parents didn’t explain to their kids what it cost to feed, clothe, and provide health insurance to the little rascals. I’m sure they were not told by their parents either. So we have have a “small” reoccurring problem.

Here we are in high school chomping at the bit wanting to be independent and find a part time job to save for a car. The all powerful car. The vehicle to social acceptance. Without the car the social pressure to be accepted by your peers becomes a group decision right or wrong the decision has been made without discussion.

So we have the part time job and with luck a full time job. Now we have that all important payment to establish a credit history. Oh yeah, and the cost of insurance. So at this point we make a whopping 150$ a week after taxes and pay 50$ for a car payment and maybe 30$ in car insurance. Living at home hopefully and trying to save 25$ a week to get the deposit, plus first and last month of a apartment rental.

Here we are living the all mighty independence thing with a small income of 600$ or 800$ a month in wages. With any luck 1000$ . All this at 20 years old. No health insurance so far. Is this poor? in my opinion yes.

There isn’t a consideration for the cost of food! Oh, here we go again! Walk into a grocery store with or without coupons. With a balance of proteins, grains, fruit and vegetables we are confronted with about 100$ a week. There isn’t enough money coming in each month to cover that balance of food to stay healthy.

Incomes the credit card. This device is provided to individuals with the ability to pay off the principle in monthly installments with interest. The card is used to pay for fuel and food. Unless comfort items are purchased this allows the purchase of food previously from missing funds for weekly food.

Here we go. It doesn’t add up to 1000$. It most likely comes to about 1500$ a month to just get by. So a little math and we have a 500$ dept per month times 12 is 6000$ a year in dept.Remember this is for a single person declaring 1 on their income tax form each year.

There is a few variables not listed. Example; out sick for week with the flu, car repairs, clothes, electricity, water, landline telephone, and the most important is health insurance
Now to put icing on the cake, we now are required to have a national ID card. You refuse that idea but you need a drivers license to move about freely, there is your national ID. Your papers. The pay you receive is sent straight to the bank, digitized funds. Every purchase is tracked. Your tracked. How can I buy food if I refuse to get a national ID? The store says you need ID to purchase food using that digitized money card, what? What? Where are the patriots to come help me eat a meal?

The hell with this, I refuse!! So now I’m without food, shelter an money! Hummmm… I’m now a homeless person. Where can I hide? The predators are hunting me for sport. The police are hunting me because it’s against the law to have no money or national ID. Where are the military veterans to come help me survive? There being hunted also? It’s brutal out here, you haven’t the street smarts an survival skills to start a fire to keep from freezing. What happened to freedom? What….. happened?

Hiding in plain view

Surely the vehicles with standard tinted windows are helping to reduce heat a brightness of the sun.
I have a longtime habit of waving at people, regardless if I know them or not. Growing up next to a little shrimping fleet town it was normal to wave even to strangers.
My little brain was struggling to understand why I couldn’t sit still or pay attention for any extended period of time. I was a free spirit collecting everything I could see an wondering how an why it was.
At one particular time, one day, we were having foot races in the sandy lot of the playground during a typical recess. I heard someone yelling, get inside! Hurry get inside! My thought was only that I couldn’t attempt to beat that other boy racing in the sand!
The teacher was waving her hands in the air an screaming, hurry, hurry. I saw the old wood double doors packed with others like me.
Finding my desk, the noise in the room was abruptly stopped by the loud speaker announcing we were being instructed to practice getting under our desk.

We were told the bus was arriving soon an we were to go home. Hurray time to play in the sawgrass next to the canal. That was the most fun, the tidal marsh came right up to edge of the trees. I would practice bending the blades to one side or another as stepping stones. When the tide changed it would go right back covering my tracks.
When I got off the bus from the school there was parents grabbing the kids up. I didn’t have anyone there so I got to the house a few blocks away. A sister was there with the tv on. Asking why I was home so early. I didn’t know why. The TV had a picture of some kind of rockets. So what! The person on the TV was saying that the navy was heading to some country called Cuba. My sister said they were going to send those rockets to blow us up. Blow us up? Why?
The next morning the bus picked us up an hurried everyone into the building. The teacher an the loud speaker said get under your desk an you’ll be safe. This went on different times of the day. We learned that this was nuclear rockets. This was our day to die!

To be continued…. Jean

1984 or Fahrenheit 451 You tell me!

1984 or Fahrenheit 451

“Discussion of current practices”

My point of view after 66 years

I welcome discussion an comments

Jean Andre Vallery

July 9, 2019


A dialup telephone was a common tool from the birth of the dog to the collect call from jail. Public access at coin operated payphones were just about everywhere, allowing anonymous discussion to businesses and private homes.

So if you wanted to talk without city,state or federal snoops tracking your calls you had it made. Just by going to a friends house to use a dialup phone or different pay phone from the bar,service station or grocery store. The dialup landline telephone allowed a tremendous amount of privacy, to a point.

Actions promoting public assemblies via cellphone or smartphones by individuals (defined by authorities)on city or in front of private property of more than a few people required a permit to assemble.

So without availability of payphones, any discussion regarding gathering together via cell or smartphone was considered to be unlawful assembly and or a conspiracy to riot.

Of course if you applied for an was granted the permit, it allowed the city to assemble riot police to monitor or stop you regardless.

Home landlines or payphones allowed anyone to successfully organize to assemble using a phone chain. I call you, you call someone an so on.

The Feds an local police could not listen unless a judge authorized permission for a wiretap. Oh….do they really need permission?

So here we are now, currently free only in our minds that “big brother” isn’t developing methods of monitoring an listening via our TV, an front door cameras. Devices allowing the monitoring of voices in the home, under the guise of your voice searching for subjects not readily available without having books to search for answers to questions. But now easily through a two way device connected to the internet (“thought police”)

Further tracking an locational controls are now using cell phone or smartphone accounts to verify your true identity, recording the state issued drivers license photo ID, current valid address, phone number an finally the social security number that was given to you an only you! Oops…. now I forgot massive DNA collections under the guise of looking for your original ancestry. Searchable by any “Big Brother” to immediately find your ass!

Collecting your DNA at anytime to track an monitor if your violent behavior requires isolation from reproducing by incarceration. This is to take control of individuals who can lead an encourage others to defy control. The sheep follow without question, the individual with ability an knowledge when to fight won’t follow without question! Control by DNA genocide!

So the limited freedom of speech you encounter in public now with the cell or smartphone is gone.

Face the fact,you are being tracked! Not only from that cellular device but from the use of it at any ATM with a debit card or credit card, an internet purchased item or daily store purchase, gasoline purchase, an payroll deposit from your work. All transferred income or bill payments are via internet access.

Well now, let’s say you have income deposited to your account at a bank. Now that bank makes money off the daily interest of cash an credit it customers deposits. Let’s just say you give them money each time you get paid!

Simple solution, just use that ATM to your advantage an withdraw all into cash. Granted each one,two,five,ten,twenty dollar bill has a serial number recorded an tracked for security purposes in case of illegal or possible large volume thefts.

I need cash to pay a bill, so I walk into the bank to cash a payroll check. During that process I ask to have “X” amount of cash for me to spend.

Well it gets interesting due to the possibilities the cash you receive had previously been deposited to a live teller by a person with a counterfeit bill. Unknowingly the teller then passes the bill to you.

You go to purchase an item, the clerk uses a marking pen to check for a counterfeit bill. Now you are accused of trying to pass fake money. Oh!… hurray! The ever knowing Treasury Department has a discussion with you an accusing you an telling you this is now a real jail time event.

By using the ATM to withdraw cash you avoid that unlikely possibility, it happened to me with a fifty dollar bill.

The paper cash bills you now receive comes from the bank an previously they received it from a fed treasury bank distribution service all have serial numbers recorded by the bank an the service company that refills each ATM.

As you purchase items at various vendors with cash, those vendors at the end of the day put their cash deposits into the night deposit drop box to be recorded, then combine that with all other deposits it received is now transfered via wire service to their main bank office.

The massive amount of data received from purchases, deposits are stored in state of the arts digital “databases an databanks” nationwide from every type of transaction sold or purchased along with personal data of that person every second of millions of people in real time.

Just a little observation regarding that personalized Social Security number of yours. Do you really think that private enterprises that encourage you to purchase protection an monitoring of your SSN isn’t that just you paying them to track an locate you in realtime?

Could the Social Security Administration have been monitoring this type of activity nationwide for everyone already? Don’t they already make money by doing it!

Well now, what can you do about all of this real time tracking of you, your location an your DNA????

NOW, you have no choice in anything you previously thought wasn’t possibly being done to you!

Any suggestions are welcomed an please remember “BIG BROTHER”

Thank you for freedom of speech an assembly

Jean Andre Vallery

Hitch hiking is a beautiful thing

After traveling across the USA so many times hitch hiking, it only took one trip to convince me it truly is a beautiful thing.

My trying to convince readers by using colorful descriptions and examples cant effectively portray the real experience, you have to get out there and live it.
Before actually packing for the trip you need to remember one simple rule. When your on the road and discover you have too much crude packed follow this. “To much to carry, time to bury” It’s a type of cache you can return too weeks or months later and recover.

Think of it as your own salvation army. I recommend a change of clothes, sweater and or a light jacket. Perfect way to change into a fresh set that’s not road worn and dirty. Place about three or four dryer sheets inside a heavy contractors black plastic bag. Bury it about a foot down and place a marker of rocks that you will remember. But not a marker of rocks that some person walking by would see and be curious. When you come back and the ground squirrels haven’t used it for a home your good. GPS location would even be better.

Another reminder is to always carry at least 4 construction grade plastic bags in your backpack. You can use it for a raincoat and hood. It will block a cold wind instead of lining the inside of your pants and shirt with newspaper. A cover for your whole backpack and a backup for the inside of your bag or cache. This is my method it’s not written in stone. It will be a comforting feeling when your caught in a heavy rain or sleet.
Read up on the net or purchase a new road atlas for the route your interests you. Or just free flow the road. Most gas stations or even truck stops don’t carry state maps anymore, don’t let that stop you

Most interstates or state roads have a numbering system. If the number ends in a odd digit it’s going north and south and even numbers are east and west. Granted there are those loops,circles and diagonal roads that would prove me wrong.

When you fall asleep while in a ride( that’s a no no ) you have the sun or the road sign numbers to get your bearings.
The road map or atlas that you can purchase at most book stores or a truck stop is a great way to learn the roads. where a campsite, park, graveyard or fire station might be. You can sit on it when the gravel cuts into your butt while taking a break from standing. It will keep the butt of your pants from getting so dirty that you soil your rides seat. Believe me it doesn’t take long to get road dirty.
I’ve found that when it’s getting late outside ( 2 or 3 am ) and the trucks are all shutting down ( sleeping ) is a good time to look for shelter but not on the truck stop property. If it’s a wide open area with a wind blowing I prefer to find a area away from the entrance or on ramp. Keeping a low profile and not setting up a tent works for me. Some of my reasons for keeping a low profile are. Headlights from cars or trucks pulling over to get their bearings. Hitch hikers walking down the ramp to get a ride. State or local police looking for cars or people alongside of the highway. Some low life that decides it would be fun to come and steal your pack or what ever while your asleep.
Important note and a rule I follow faithfully. This is my opinion not anyone else’s. There is always dogs on the edges of towns. Pack dogs or coyotes or single hunters. As a single traveler and doing stealth camping I always sleep with my back to a tree, boulder, or large shrub. If it’s a large open area I place my backpack behind my head. Letting my guard down isn’t my way.
Numerous times I have been in a area near a truck stop that had a lot of closed or abandoned business’s. Some show signs of previous drinkers leaving empty bottles and cans, old clothes and cardboard. You need to sit in a unlit area and scout out the traffic traveling by. Long enough to if lucky, to see when the local police travel thru. Basically most security people setup a pattern without even knowing it.
I always need to change my clothes from the previous day into clean ones. I prefer to do it in stages. I leave my previous observation point and move when there isn’t traffic to show my silhouette crossing the road. My new location needs to provide me with enough cover that I can change without getting busted for indecent exposure because a person saw my untanned legs shinning white through the darkness. Oh crap!
A little trick I use to allow me to see in the dark a lot better is to put on a pair of sunglasses. When I get to the location I have scouted out I sit down and relax put on my sunglasses and let my eyes adjust to the increased darkness. after about ten or fifteen minutes I take off the sunglasses and what a difference. I do this because stealth camping is done without light.
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Black Walnut

Reading John Steinbecks Cannery Row seems to imply that ” life in a pearl moment”  isn’t a sought out lifestyle but of those moments of plain chores we all have when the madness of making money isn’t consuming our every waking breath.

To me though the bad trip was finely over, I could think without the influence of others guiding or controlling my being.

Looking for an hopefully that in the surrounding community there was a standing tree that was available for free. Luckily it turned out to surprise me an one was nearby. This tree had seen its days an was falling down. The minute I saw this massive tree, I saw in my mind the projects to create bringing it back to life.

My progress towards creating a simple coffee table out of the black walnut had slowed. It didn’t stop me from whittling away though. Now in front of me the final results appeared an it turned out very nice in my eyes, mind you it wasn’t to be showroom perfect. This has been a educational moment in my life bringing a new breath to this very old tree. It ( the tree ) was standing quietly watching the years an seasons pass. It was a long time however but patience was the strength of it. The time had come to be quiet an wait.


Clapping of the leaves in the breeze

Writing is a struggle with the ever glooming cloud of “time” on this blog. The weeks or years between posting of new thoughts or revisiting older ones is complicated for me.

I’m stranded , not physically but by mental flash scenes in my head, sucking me into memories of past experiences in bits an pieces.

progress isn’t measured in tangible items to me, only by living in the moment

My daily madness

For those that know me, I struggle with daily the need to flee. To run, escape my madness. My past is littered with leaving any an all, loved ones an material items behind an hitchhike until I can’t physically travel health wise. It’s a madness that’s hard to explain, to travel with the nagging feeling of being hunted. I travel swiftly an extreme long distance. At least 8 states away to a quiet place remote an pleasant . I’m currently experiencing the same feelings an what prevents me is one thing, my GSD. I have this beast that senses my madness, my choking or nightmares an responds by approaching me an seeking my attention. Waking me speaking to me in the GSD way. Through barking or jumping partially on my lap. Wella is getting on in her years an I’m wanting to get a male puppy to raise with her as a mentor. I’m trying so hard not to run, an see the need to remain an live through this GSD eyes. That being said, please look for a GSD male puppy that’s not fixed. I know my track record an I’m trying to stop the madness.

End of the rail, Looking north towards Calexico. South is Mexicali

Thanks for listening

America The Beautiful 

In our quest towards the American Dream we have been told that a common thread is one of working together caring for each other and most important is compassion.

During our quest if you would like to name it that we discovered a tremendous barrier of greed to sap each aspect of our progress mostly in the name of insurance. Insurance to protect each person from any type of mishap or unwise decision.

Fantastic names were devised to convince us that this was the way that would limit our risk. Risk of something intangible, a fictitious event, a thing that could hold us back from success towards that American Dream.

First an most likely on the list was mortality. Each social group of society was guided by a preceived infinite power that answered the question we each pondered over every waking moment, an in some cases our dreams.

That question was why are we here and what am I supposed to do? How do I leave my mark an also that mark for my children. Will I be remembered as what society says I’m supposed to be remembered for. A form of epitaph on a marker where the human being was last viewed attempting to fulfill.


To be continued…

Livin solo … in silence

the days an nights aren’t really important anymore. Time as well. The dog wakes me at different times depending if she hears voices or a deer. She has this low growl that continues into full blown vicious barkin. It’s the start of another day solo in the woods.

Remembering the times of helping the homeless in the streets through a tough moments of dispare when I am  sitting here enjoying the moments of silence.

The mornings of silence is welcome to me. A silence to reflect upon the beauty of birds singing their solo songs inviting you to listen an enjoy. Their struggle is your struggle to listen without interrupting. Your survival is similar to theirs. Learning to hear their song of survival.


Waiting for each day to arrive