She had a warm heart …..

It was the winter of 1974 I had been out of the army about 4 months an was leaving the Los Angles area hitch hiking up the coast of California. My mission was a effort to escape society an the long reaches of government. Traveling into Oregon on the PCH into Coos Bay Oregon the rain an wind was blowin in hard from the coast. My friend was the wine. She was always by my side. 
“bottle of wine, fruit of the vine when are you going to let me get sober, leave me alone let me go home an let me start over”

I headed inland Northeast alongside the Columbia River. The cold was taking its toll on me but my friend the wine she kept me warm. Weeks pasted slowly finally getting past Spokane ,Washington.
My heading into the high country wasn’t actually smart but I didn’t care. The snow was light as a feather an blinding the path.
Slowly getting into Idaho an passing Wallace, Idaho . Passing by St. Regis, Montana alongside the raging wind an snow driving through the gorge following the Clark Fork River into Missoula, Montana.
My stumbling continued way down into the driving winds an snow of Cheyenne, Wyoming.
The freezing plains made my bones ache but I was constantly being reassured by my friend by my side. She didn’t feel the cold an never complained.
She had a warm heart, a loving embrace a sharp whip of tenderness.



4 thoughts on “She had a warm heart …..

    1. Hello Mr. Vallery
      My momo is Melissa Vallery married to Thad Kerry. I’m Apalachee Indian living in Louisiana, I saw your post concerning our people. We are still here, still have meetings and pow wow’s, still trying to get recognized and won’t stop. After our beloved Chief Bennett passed away we were in morning for him, but still active as ever. We have a meeting in April. I saw a lot of people responding to your article. I don’t feel safe giving my info on here but I’ll keep an eye out for a reply from you. I believe we are related and would love to touch base somehow

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